SLB Pipe Solutions LLC

“Solving Pipe Problems In Indianapolis Indiana

SLB Pipe Solutions LLC

Full Description

SLB has the knowledge and technology to solve your drain related problems quickly, effectively and permanently. The most common cause of sewer backups come from root intrusion through broken or cracked pipes. SLB can completely reline your sewer from one single access point. We install a new pipe inside the old pipe without digging it up!

Number Of Staff


Services Offered

  1. CIPP Small Pipe
  2. CIPP Large Pipe
  3. UV Lining
  4. Epoxy Lining Potable Water
  5. Epoxy Lining
  6. Pipe Bursting
  7. Sliplining
  8. Pipe Bursting
  9. Manhole Rehabilitation
  10. Spincast
  11. Video Inspection
  12. Line Cleaning

Customer Focus

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Government