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Seattle Select LLC

“Solving Pipe Problems In Seattle

Seattle Select LLC

Full Description

Seattle Select is the ideal company in the Seattle area for drain cleaning, ThePerma-Liner™ Sectional Point Repair System Directional drilling, running electrical conduits, excavation for sewer lines (either spot repair or open cut), hydro jetting, and for CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) video inspection of sewer lines.

With our technology we can locate and inspect all of these common issues:


Offset Joints, Broken Pipes, Protruding Lateral, Off Grade Pipe, Leaking Joints, Recessed Taps, Cracked Pipe, Root Obstruction, Blockages, Corrosion, Infilitration, Collapsed Pipe


House Clean-outs, House and Service Laterals, Drain Lines, Septic Tank Lines, Vent Stacks, Floor Drains, Water Lines, Yard Drains, Utility Ducts, Service Conduits, HVAC Ducts, Chimneys, Flues and Boilers

Services Offered

  1. CIPP Small Pipe
  2. CIPP Large Pipe
  3. UV Lining
  4. Epoxy Lining Potable Water
  5. Epoxy Lining
  6. Pipe Bursting
  7. Sliplining
  8. Pipe Bursting
  9. Manhole Rehabilitation
  10. Spincast
  11. Video Inspection
  12. Line Cleaning

Customer Focus

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Government