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Hill Services, Inc.

Since 1923

Hill Services, Inc.

Full Description

Hill Services is a single service provider for your Mechanical and Controls systems. Call us on as needed basis to assist your maintenance personnel with maintaining and troubleshooting your HVAC systems, from both a mechanical and digital standpoint.

Services Offered

  1. CIPP Small Pipe
  2. CIPP Large Pipe
  3. UV Lining
  4. Epoxy Lining Potable Water
  5. Epoxy Lining
  6. Pipe Bursting
  7. Sliplining
  8. Pipe Bursting
  9. Manhole Rehabilitation
  10. Spincast
  11. Video Inspection
  12. Line Cleaning

Customer Focus

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Government